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5 Grilling Safety Tips for This Summer

5 Grilling Safety Tips for This Summer

A wholesome activity like grilling doesn’t come without its dangers.

Now that summer is officially here we all will be spending much more time outside and enjoying the weather. One activity that everyone enjoys is eating delicious grilled food with our family and friends. A wholesome activity like grilling doesn’t come without its dangers. The National Fire Protection Association reports that 27 percent of home fires start from the misuse of an outdoor grill. Follow these five grilling safety tips.

Grill Outside

The first safety tip on this list is to make sure that all grilling is done outside and away from any structures. In fact, charcoal and gas grills are specifically designed only for outdoor use. As the smoke billows up and out from the grill, it needs to be able to escape into the atmosphere so that it doesn’t become a fire hazard. Even while outside, be watchful of overhanging branches that could cause a fire from the smoke and open flames.


Your grill must be stable before you use it. Check to make sure that you have it set up on a flat and level surface. Also, make sure that the ground is clear and that nothing is posing a risk of tipping it over. Do some shopping for a grill pad or splatter mat that will not only help ensure that the grill is stable but also protect your deck or patio.

Keep It Clean

Grease and fat from previous grilling sessions will build up in your grill and cause a fire hazard. Keep it clean after each use by scrubbing the grill and removing the charcoals and disposing of them in a metal container.

Check the Propane

Gas grills that use propane can sometimes leak, creating the possibility of an explosion upon use. Check the gas tank hose for leaks with light soap and water. If the mixture produces bubbles when you turn it on, it may be indicative of a leak. Also, pay attention to any smells of gas or if it’s taking a long time to light or if it won’t light at all.

Wait to Re-light

If the flame goes out, be sure to wait at least five minutes before you re-light it. Instead, turn the grill and gas off and wait the suggested time before trying again.  

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