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What You Should Know About Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

What You Should Know About Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

When was the last time your fire extinguishers were inspected?

A fire extinguisher is one of the most crucial components of fire safety equipment. Since this is the case, you want to ensure that yours are always properly maintained. You wouldn’t want to be in the midst of a fire emergency and have to rely on an essential piece of equipment that doesn’t work. It’s not only essential, but proper maintenance is also a legal requirement. Remember these rules and standards for keeping your fire extinguishers in the best working condition possible.

Regular Maintenance

Any fire extinguishers at your workplace or even residence should be inspected and maintained regularly. When properly maintained, it should last between 5 and 15 years before you’ll need a replacement. When it’s delivered, the extinguisher needs to be commissioned onsite as it could have been damaged at some point during transit. Then, the extinguisher should be inspected and maintained monthly by a designated person. Annually, a professional should come inspect the extinguisher to ensure that it is in the proper working condition.

Things to Look For

When examining your fire extinguisher, having a checklist of things to look for will help you keep a record of its condition. Check that the extinguisher has no visible signs of damage or wear and tear. Also, ensure that it is installed in the correct place, easily accessible, and visible. The needle on the pressure gauge should be in the green zone, and all seals should be present and intact. Look to make sure that the pin is in place and that all other seals, labels, and the operating instructions are where they should be.  

Maintenance Plans

For your organization, keep a record of when the fire extinguisher was last inspected and maintained. Keep a schedule or mark the date on your calendar of when the last inspection took place and set a reminder for the following month for the next inspection. For the annual service, the inside of the extinguisher will be inspected and then refilled. It will also undergo a discharge test to ensure that when needed, it will discharge correctly.   

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