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Do You Need to Refill or Replace Your Fire Extinguisher?

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Read on to learn more about when to refill your fire extinguisher and when you need to replace it entirely.

Whether your fire extinguisher is brand new or a few years old, you have a decision to make after you use it: should you refill or replace your fire extinguisher? While fire extinguishers are designed to be refilled after use, there are some instances where replacing it would be the safest option. Read on to learn more about when to refill your fire extinguisher and when to replace it entirely.

  • When to Refill Your Fire Extinguisher

If your extinguisher has been regularly inspected and found to be structurally sound, it is highly likely that you can refill it after use. Your local fire protection experts will inspect your extinguisher and look for cracks or dents in the metal shell, defects in the handle or nozzle, or any other structural abnormalities. If your extinguisher gets a clean bill of health, your fire protection professional will refill your unit with the appropriate propellant and fire suppressant material. Once your extinguisher has been refilled, keep up with your extinguisher maintenance and inspection schedule to ensure the health of your unit.

  • When to Replace Your Fire Extinguisher

If your fire extinguisher has lost pressure or charge without being used, you should probably replace it. Units can lose pressure slowly over time when they have cracked seals or small leaks, and this can lead to an extinguisher failing when you need it most. If you have used your fire extinguisher recently, inspect it visually for any signs of damage. A damaged shell or nozzle will most likely mean that your unit cannot be refilled and must be replaced. Consult your trusted fire protection professionals about the state of any fire extinguishers you have used recently or that have lost their charge.

  • Still Not Sure?

Are you still not sure about whether you need to refill or replace your fire extinguisher? Good news! The trained professionals at Biles Fire Protection can help. Call us or visit us online so that we can answer all of your questions and help you figure out if your fire extinguisher can be refilled. While you are learning about fire extinguishers and their maintenance, ask our experts about regular fire extinguisher inspection and how often it should be done. A well-maintained fire extinguisher is invaluable in case of an emergency.

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