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Tips for Placing Fire Extinguishers in Your Home

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Placing fire extinguishers in your home is a good way to protect your home in case of a fire emergency.

Practicing good fire safety techniques in the home is essential to keep your family  and property safe. Unfortunately, the threat of a fire is always present, so you’ll need to prepare for any possibility. One of the best ways to prepare for an emergency is by having fire extinguishers placed in your home. You want to follow a few guidelines to ensure that you’re getting the most protection possible for your home.

A Kitchen Fire Extinguisher is Essential

Since the kitchen is the most likely place for a fire to start, having a fire extinguisher handy is one of the best protection techniques you can have in your home. Typically, kitchen fires start with grease, so you’ll want to have an extinguisher equipped to handle grease fires. You’ll want to store your extinguisher a bit away from the stove but still within easy reach if a fire were to start. A good place would be mounting it close to the door of the kitchen.

Other Places to Store Extinguishers

You’ll want to make sure that a fire extinguisher is always within reach. Having one placed on each separate floor of your home is a good idea so that you won’t have to climb up or down stairs to access one. This would include the basement and the upper floors if necessary. Also, keep an extinguisher handy in your garage, since this is another prime location where fires could potentially start.

Place Within Easy Sight

Although most people would not consider a fire extinguisher to be part of a harmonious home decor, keeping them in plain sight is the best practice. In fact, fire experts suggest that you are more protected if the extinguishers are mounted within easy sight, just in case something were to happen. Also, if you are mounting them on the wall, don’t place them higher than 5 feet off the floor so that they can be accessed by anyone, no matter how tall they are. Make sure that your children understand what they are used for and that they are not toys!

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