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3 Common Commercial Kitchen Fire Hazards


3 Common Commercial Kitchen Fire Hazards

Beware of these commercial kitchen fire hazards!

Commercial kitchen fires are more common than people realize. In order to stay safe, you need to be aware of the potential dangers that common in commercial kitchens. Keep reading and discover three common commercial kitchen fire hazards that restaurants should always be conscious of at all times to remain safe.

Grease Buildup

Due to the sheer quantity of food that is made in a typical commercial kitchen, grease will inevitably buildup over time. Not only is grease buildup unsanitary, but it is a significant fire hazard. Grease can lead to fires, so you want to make sure that you are cleaning your kitchen daily to minimize risk. Also, do not forget about the grease traps underneath grills and other appliances. In the even that a grease fire breaks out, under no circumstance should you ever use water to try and put it out. A fire extinguisher is your best option.

Loose Clothing Items

You may be amazed at the number of fires that are started from people wearing loose clothing in a commercial kitchen. It is always in your best interest to wear clothing that is tighter that is less likely to catch a flame. Also, dish rags should not be left near stove tops or grills for that same reason.

Exposed Wiring

Exposed wiring is a recipe for disaster in commercial kitchens (no pun intended). These wires are major fire hazards and should be tucked away/covered as soon as possible. When checking for exposed wiring in your commercial kitchen, you should also check your appliances to ensure they are operating at the appropriate electrical levels. When wiring is overloaded, it creates a major fire hazard.

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