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4 Fire Safety Myths

4 Fire Safety Myths

Don’t put your trust in these fire safety myths!

Being safe in a fire emergency requires that everyone have a real, working knowledge of how each fire safety component works together. Having this kind of information can make the difference between a safe exit and a tragedy. Learn the truth behind these four fire safety myths.

Required Sprinklers

Some people believe that every occupied building is required to have fire sprinklers, but this isn’t always the case. Although fire sprinklers are one of the most effective systems available when it comes to immediate response to fire dangers and allowing for safe escapes from emergencies, not all buildings are required to have them installed.

Panic Response

Not everyone panics in the middle of an emergency. In fact, studies have shown that people are capable of making rational, logical decision when they’re experiencing a fire emergency. This is especially true when they are equipped with emergency procedure that they’ve been taught and practiced prior to the fire. The myth that suggests that most people will panic and forget all of their previous training is simply not true when it comes to real life emergency situations. Researchers found that stress and anxiety are caused by lack of knowledge and preparation and that the best cure for those responses is having a well-known plan in place.

Destroyed Property

It makes sense that people would believe that when sprinkler heads are activated, the water that comes out destroys everything in its path, putting out the fire but also creating a soaking mess. Just because one sprinkler head operates doesn’t mean that they all open at the same time.

Using Elevators

Many fire evacuation plans call for the stairs to be used for a safe exit rather than the elevators. This has created a myth that elevators are hazardous and dangerous during a fire. When it comes to ensuring a safe exit for people with disabilities, the use of elevators can be one of the fastest and effective methods.

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