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5 Fire Safety Misconceptions Debunked

Fire Safety Misconceptions

There are quite a number of fire safety misconceptions out there, but here are five of them debunked.

Fire safety is critical to ensuring the safety of your business, your customers, and your employees. There are many different fire safety misconceptions that are putting people and properties at risk every day. Here are five of the most common fire safety misconceptions today.

Newer Buildings Are Safer

Just like humans, age is just a number when it comes to fire safety. No matter how old or young your building is, if you don’t have the right fire safety plan and fire safety equipment, a fire could engulf your building in a matter of minutes. The fire protection system you have in place matters much more than the age of your property.

A Smoke Detector Is Enough

This dangerous fire safety misconception is very common at residential and commercial properties alike. Smoke detectors only alert you of a fire or smoke on your property, they do nothing to curtail the spread of it. Smoke detectors are a great part of a cohesive system but not much use by themselves.

People Will Panic

The movies and television make fires seem like crazy periods of panic where many are trampled and left behind. In reality, they are typically the opposite. People who understand the evacuation plan typically stay level-headed throughout the evacuation process. Have regular fire drills to make sure that everyone understands exactly what to do in case of emergency.

You Can Handle a Small Fire

This fire safety misconception causes many people to be injured and many fires to spread. Even if a small fire starts in your building, don’t try to put it out alone. Many damaging fires start with a small spark, so always follow fire safety precautions regardless of the fire size.

Your Sprinklers Will Freeze

Many people think that, like the pipes in their home, their fire sprinkler system will freeze once the weather gets cold. Proper fire sprinkler maintenance will ensure no freezing occurs.

Commercial Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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