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5 Fire Safety Precaution Myths

5 Fire Safety Precaution Myths

It is important to know fact from fiction when it comes to fire safety.

Time is truly of the essence in the occasion of a fire, no matter how small it may seem at first. It is incredibly important to be able to separate fact from fiction in regards to fire safety precaution. Whether the fire breaks out in your residence or office building, it is always crucial to have a fire safety plan, evacuation strategy, and to understand the important precautionary facts. So, what are some of these myths about fire safety precaution?

Myth #1: Newer Buildings Are Safer

Regardless of the age of the building or home, fires can always present a dangerous, potentially life-threatening, situation to those inside and around it. What is actually pertinent in this case is the condition of the fire protection system in the building. An older building with a newer, more innovative fire protection system is far safer than a newer building with an older fire protection system. A quality fire protection system should include but is not limited to fire alarms, fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, and emergency lighting.

Myth #2: Your Fire Alarm Will Sound Before The Flames Erupt

This is simply not true in all cases. While this is a common misconception of fire safety, it is incredibly important to realize that fire alarms do not always ring before the fire starts. It is also worth noting that just because one fire alarm goes off, it does not mean that the rest will. Time is of the essence in any scenario when dealing with a potential fire and it is best to play it safe and use your evacuation plan swiftly upon hearing the fire alarm sound.

Myth #3: Fire Is The Cause of Most Casualties

Contrary to popular belief, smoke is the biggest detriment to our health when a fire erupts. Poisonous carbon monoxide from the smoke can fill an entire household in less than 5 minutes. There is a reason that carbon monoxide is widely known as the “silent killer”. The dangerous gas can cause you to choke, quickly become disoriented, and ultimately become unconscious in the heat of the moment.

Myth #4: Your Sprinkler System Will Freeze

Is the weather getting colder? Don’t fret. Your sprinkler system will not freeze just because the temperature does. The proper procedures are put in place during fire sprinkler system installation to ensure that the sprinkler will not freeze in any case, no matter where you happen to be located.

Myth #5: People will Panic!

With a solid fire safety plan put into place, research has proven that people do not, in fact, panic during the event of a fire. This is a common misconception that is perpetuated throughout various films and television shows throughout time. Ensuring that everybody in your home or office building is aware of the fire safety precautions and evacuation plans can drastically help everyone remain calm in an otherwise stressful situation.  

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