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5 Fire Safety Tips for Children

5 Fire Safety Tips for Children

Have you talked to your children about fire safety?

Keep your family and children safe with these five fire safety tips.

No Matches or Lighters

Sometimes, children will find matches and lighters alluring because they see adults using them. Teach children that these items are not toys that they should play with and that using them could cause considerable harm. Teach children that these items are not only fire hazards, but they could also risk burning themselves if they handle them incorrectly. Children should alert an adult if they ever find a pack of matches or a lighter in the home or anywhere in their area of play.

Make and Practice the Plan

Involve your children in the creation and practice of a fire emergency plan for your home. You need to teach them what they should do if they ever hear the smoke alarm. Also, show them how to check a door for heat to make sure that it’s safe to go that way. Once it’s designed and an exterior meeting place in chosen, leave an illustration of the plan available in their rooms. Be sure to practice the plan annually so that the proper procedure stays fresh in their minds.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Never underestimate the importance of teaching children how to stop, drop, and roll. If their clothes happen to catch on fire, it’s an understandable response to panic and run. In fact, the airflow generated from running will help the fire spread faster. Instead, the most effective response is still to stop, drop, and roll. Young people are taught this technique across the country because it is the quickest way to put out a fire on clothing.

Emergency Numbers

Children should know and have access to a comprehensive list of emergency phone numbers. The first and most important number they should learn is 911 and to only use this number in emergency situations. They should also have the phone numbers of trusted family members, neighbors, and friends.

Be Careful of Fire Hazards

Teach children that there are more fire hazards around the home than just in the kitchen. They should be careful of electrical cords, the fireplace, and even decorative candles. These items should never be played with or placed within the direct vicinity of small children. Children should be encouraged to ask questions and alert adults if they have any concerns.    

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