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5 Safety Tips to Use When Gathering Around a Fire Pit this Spring

Fire Pit Safety Tips

Enjoy your family fire pit safely this spring with these safety tips!

Spring and summer are the best time of year to enjoy the great outdoors. If you get a little chilly at night (or just love making s’mores) and want to enjoy your fire pit this spring, make sure that you take the appropriate fire safety precautions in advance. Here are five of our best safety tips for gathering around a fire pit this spring.

Pick the Right Position

The position of your fire pit will dictate how safe it is, so always:

  • Ensure the fire pit is at least 10 feet away from any structure or house
  • Make sure that fire pit is not underneath a porch or low tree branches
  • Place your fire pit on a surface that is not flammable
  • Never place a fire pit on grass or wood

Prepare the Fire Pit

Before lighting the fire pit, make sure that:

  • No flammable materials are around the fire pit
  • Dirt and rocks are surrounding the fire pit base to make sure that fire cannot spread to the grass
  • The fire pit is at least 6 inches deep and 2 feet across

Light It Up

When lighting your fire pit:

  • Check the wind direction first
  • Never light your fire pit on a windy night
  • Don’t use lighter fluid to light your fire pit

Enjoy Your Fire Pit

When using your fire pit:

  • Never leave the fire pit unattended
  • Never allow children or pets to surround the fire pit
  • Only put as much fuel in the fire pit as it needs
  • Never put garbage or paper into the fire pit
  • Don’t burn soft woods that can pop and distribute sparks

Put It Out

When putting out the fire in your fire pit:

  • Use water to extinguish the flame and stir the water around to make sure the fire is completely out
  • Get rid of ashes safely

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