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5 Things You Should Know About Commercial Fire Safety

Commercial Fire Safety Procedures: What You Should Know

Keep your commercial building safe with these tips!

Commercial fire safety is all about ensuring that the professionals and visitors that conduct business in your facility remain safe, especially in the event of a fire. It requires an intricate system that includes various components that work together to provide protection throughout the entire building. Here are five things you should know about commercial fire safety.

Fighting Single Fires

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to fight single fires throughout the building rather than dousing every floor with water. The heat from the fire in that specific location will only activate those individual sprinkler heads that are activated by the heat. The amount of heat required to activate a sprinkler head ranges from 155 to 286 degrees.

Visible and Accessible

Make sure that sprinkler heads always remain visible and accessible. Be sure not to hang ornaments or other decorative items from the heads or cover them for any reason. Also make sure that there are no obstacles blocking the sprinkler heads, like curtains or stacked boxes.

Preventative Maintenance  

It’s essential that your property or facilities managers conduct preventative maintenance and safety checks throughout the year. You never want to be caught in an emergency with a fire safety system that isn’t operational. Have fire safety professionals perform inspections and tests to make sure that it works properly and isn’t in need of any repairs.

Space Heater Safety

There are some office spaces that allow employees to use space heaters in their personal spaces. If this is the case in your commercial building, be sure to outline strict rules about their use for the safety of everyone in the vicinity. Establish rules that require the use of a certain brand with specific safety features, like automatic shut-off.

Fire Drills

Fire drills aren’t just for children in school. You should also implement periodic fire drills into your yearly schedule to practice your evacuation plan. This gives every employee the tools to maintain their own safety and the safety of their co-workers in case the sprinklers or fire alarm are activated.  

Questions? Biles Fire Protection is Here to Help

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