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Common Fire Safety Myths

Common Fire Safety Myths

There is always something to learn when it comes to fire safety!

We’re all walking around with ideas about fire safety and fire hazards that we think are true, but many of those notions aren’t based in fact. There are a lot of common fire safety myths circulating that should be dispelled for everyone’s safety in an emergency. Here are some of the most common myths and the truth behind the stories.

New Homes are Safer

It’s a common belief that older homes are much more susceptible to damage from fire than newer homes. It comes from the idea that new homes have been built to newer and safer codes that help them withstand fires much better than older homes. This belief isn’t necessarily true; the age of the home does not directly correlate to fire safety. Most fires are a result of human behavior and are therefore a possibility in any hoe.

Fire Alarms Cause Hysteria

The myth is that as soon as people become aware of a fire emergency, regardless of how they’ve been trained to react, they start to panic and disregard the fire safety routine they’ve been taught. In fact, quite the opposite is true. People tend to become more resilient in emergency situations and do what they can to calmly respond to the situation. If everyone, whether for a residential dwelling or commercial space, is aware of the fire procedures, studies have shown that those plans will be safely executed. It’s all about being prepared and knowledgeable.

People Succumb to Burns

Most fire fatalities are from smoke inhalation rather than burns. When a fire occurs, smoke usually travels much faster than the flames themselves, filling a home in as little as five minutes. When inhaled, smoke is very toxic and causes choking and lung irritation, which causes people to become disoriented and faint.

Smoke Will Wake You Up

Some people believe that just the smell of smoke will be enough to wake them out of their sleeping during a fire emergency. This is a dangerous myth as statistics have shown that people rarely wake up to the smell of smoke. Even if the fire has gotten to the point where you can smell it, chances are that it’s too late to evacuate safely. Always have working fire alarms in your residence and check them to ensure that they are functioning properly.  

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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