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A good evacuation plan could mean the difference between safe and not safe.

As the leaves slowly begin to turn and the air is filled with the scent of pencil shavings and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (okay, maybe we are stretching), students are getting back to school and parents are wondering about what safety precautions are already in place. Safety is paramount when it comes to emergency situations on college campuses, and dorms are full of potential fire hazards. Students (and all of those involved in evacuation plan processes) should be aware of all fire safety precautions they can take on campus before, during, and after they move in.

Always Have an Exit

Wherever you are, from the dining hall to the campus library, you should always be able to locate at least two exits that you can use in cases of emergency. Campuses should already have exits labeled as part of building requirements and fire safety requirements. At least one of your exit options should be one that uses the stairs, as elevators should never be used as part of an evacuation plan.

If you ever need to use the exit in the case of an emergency, you should go immediately to that exit and remain in the stairwell until you get further instructions via your campus announcement system, a 911 dispatcher, or a firefighter. Stairwells are typically equipped with heavy doors that are fire safe, so they will protect you until help arrives. Once help does arrive, they can direct you on how to safely evacuate the building while maintaining fire safety protocols.

After the Exit

Once you are able to safely leave the building as part of your campus’s evacuation plan, pick a buddy or classmate to stay with until help comes. If help already came (and escorted you out of the building), you do not need to worry about pairing up. Once you find someone to stick with, call the fire department to say where the fire is and give them as much information as possible. If you are unable to give directions, ask your classmate or roommate to convey them to the authorities. Don’t be afraid to be very specific, for example, “We are located in the southwest stairwell on the fourth floor in the Liberal Arts building. We were in a classroom facing the Student Union.”

Once help arrives, you or your companion can hang up the phone. Emergency professionals will be able to get you out or give you the medical attention you need.

We Are Prepared to Help Develop Your Fire Safety Evacuation Plan

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