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Dorm Room Fire Hazards and How You Can Avoid Them

Is your dorm room a fire hazard?

Is your dorm room a fire hazard? Most college students have a lot on their plates, and sometimes that means they forget about some of the most important things – like fire safety.  At the beginning of April, a fire in student apartments caused the displacement and endangerment of over 40 James Madison University students in Harrisonburg, VA. That fire, which destroyed belongings, including necessary school equipment like personal laptops, was caused by improper disposal of smoking materials proving just how critical fire safety can be. If you’re living on ramen, the last thing you need is to have all of your belongings and schoolwork lost because of careless behavior. Today we’ll go through some of the many causes of dorm fires.

Forgotten Candles

Candles are a great way to improve the ambiance of your space, which can help to make an impersonalized dorm room feel more like home. But they can also be easily forgotten by overtired, and distracted students. While many colleges have strict no-open flame policies, the rules sometimes aren’t enforced. In general, students should avoid candles and opt for battery-operated options and the reed or non-fire scent diffusers to help get the feel of a candle.

Cooking Equipment

Microwaves, hot plates, electric kettles, and more are all simple appliances students often use to help give them an easy and affordable way to cook while on campus. These can all also cause significant risk if not treated correctly. Always ensure that they are clean and only used when in the open, watched position with no obstructions.

Overloaded Outlets

Last but not least, electrical fires can be typical, mainly if you live in an older dorm that hasn’t seen the best maintenance. When using a power strip on an outlet, be sure not to overload it with too many connections. If possible, you should never connect two or more power strips to a single outlet. Additionally, be sure to check the temperature on charging materials and plugs routinely. If you notice that they are getting hot, make sure to place them in areas with good airflow and away from materials that could catch fire easily.

Questions? Biles Fire Protection Services is Here to Help!

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