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Fall Fire Hazards in Your Home


Fall is a great time of the year for decorating your home – make sure you do so with fire safety in mind!

When the chill of fall is in the air, Halloween costumes are lining the shelves, and everything is pumpkin spice or caramel apple flavored, it is clear that fall is in full swing. While fall marks a fun decorating opportunity for homeowners on the inside and outside of their homes, consider fire safety when it comes to purchasing and displaying your decorations. Here are some fire hazards to watch out for when decorating your home for the fall season.

Burn Baby Burn

Fall candles are incredibly popular, and for a great reason—they smell amazing and help your home feel a little bit cozier. However, open flames are always fire hazards. If you have any open flame candles in your home, you should keep all objects (especially flammable things) at least three feet away from heat sources (including space heaters, your stove, or a fireplace).

Candles also can be fire hazards when used to illuminate jack-o-lanterns on Halloween. If you are unable to monitor the flame at any point, blow it out and re-light it once you are able to keep an eye on it. When lighting candles, on a counter or for a pumpkin, use something designed to keep your fingers safe during the process like a long fireplace lighter.

Piles and Piles of Leaves

One of the fondest memories many children have of fall is jumping in piles of leaves. One of the worst memories many adults have is raking all of them up. While piles of leaves look beautiful and serve a functional purpose, they should be disposed of as quickly as possible to remove a huge fire hazard from your yard. If you burn leaves, use extreme caution during the process. Clear them away from your home and follow all local laws and regulations.

Lighting Up the Night

Many households, whether it is fall or winter, love to decorate with piles and piles of lights. While lights are designed specifically for use outdoors or indoors, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fire hazards! Make sure that you unplug lights inside your home whenever you leave, treating them just like candles or open flames. Turn off any electric appliances that are running before you leave as well, especially if you are about to be gone for a fall getaway.

Watch Out for Fire Hazards With Biles Fire Protection

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