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Fire Evacuation Tips

Fire Evacuation Tips

Always have a solid fire evacuation plan in place!

Fire safety should always be taken seriously. People’s lives could be at risk, and everyone’s safety should always be the primary concern. Fire alarms have saved countless lives over the years and therefore are important to have in every building. With that said, here are some important fire evacuation tips.

Don’t Ever Ignore The Fire Alarm

The only time you should ever ignore the fire alarm sounding is when maintenance is testing them and specifically tells you to do so. Otherwise, it is imperative to treat every alarm the same. You need to exit the building in an orderly fashion and meet at your designated spot. Regardless of the circumstance, it is an important fire safety practice always to evacuate when the alarm sounds.

Always Use The Stairs To Evacuate

Never under any circumstance should you use the elevator when the fire alarm sounds. By doing so, you are creating a significant safety hazard. You should only ever take the stairs when you are evacuating the building. Also, don’t ever run to the exits. In the e of an actual fire, you still should walk when exiting the building. It is dangerous if people start to run, then tripping and bumping into others.

Have Assigned Meetup Spots

It is important that every business has designated meet up spots for when the fire alarm sounds. This is important because you want always to take a role call when you get outside. People need to be accounted for to ensure everyone is where they belong. When you are going over fire safety procedure with new employees, it is important they know exactly where they are supposed to go when the fire alarm sounds. Also, the meetup spots need to be a decent distance away from the building for safety reasons. You also do not want to choose a location that could get in the way of the fire trucks.

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