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Fire Safety Tips for Commercial Kitchens

Fire Safety Tips for Commercial Kitchens

Always keep your commercial kitchen protected with these important safety tips.

Outfitting your commercial kitchen with the best fire safety equipment is paramount to owning and operating a successful and safe restaurant. Not only is proper equipment necessary, but special practices are also important to ensure the protection of your property, business, and employees. 

Insulate the Kitchen’s Ductwork

It is essential that the ductwork in your kitchen is properly insulated. Mats and blankets made of alumina-silica are incredibly efficient for fire insulation. Insulation allows you to reduce the spread of fire through the duct system. Without proper insulation, the duct system can prove to be a huge fire risk because it can spread smoke and fire throughout the entire restaurant.

Schedule an Inspection

Another key practice of ensuring good fire safety in your commercial kitchen is to schedule a regular fire examination with a professional. They will check out your kitchen’s electrical equipment, exhaust system, and grease buildup. This includes grease filters, exhaust hoods, exhaust ducts, exhaust fans, the floor, and the cooking equipment itself. Always check your grease levels to protect your employees, your customers, and your restaurant.

Train Staff for Emergencies

In addition to providing fire extinguishers, you must also train your staff on how to use them. Make a clear and concise emergency plan that can be executed wherever a fire starts in your kitchen. One of the most important but overlooked aspects of this is to maintain a clean kitchen. Afterall, a clean kitchen is a safe one!

Fire Suppression Equipment

Ensure that your sprinkler systems and alarm systems are clean and inspected on a regular basis. Inspect any new equipment and any equipment that is moved around. In case the automatic extinguishing system does not activate, it is crucial that one manual activator is installed in your kitchen. It must be in a location that is free of obstacles and is at a height between 42 and 48 inches. Make sure that it is far away from hotspots like grills and deep fryers, but close enough to be quickly at hand.

Filters and Exhaust

Required automatic exhaust and extinguishing systems need to be cleaned regularly to remove build-up from oil and grease. Ask your contractor whether you need a baffle-style grease removal filter or if simple mesh filters will suffice.

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