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Fire Safety Tips for College Students

Fire Safety Tips for College Students

Crowded dorms and old academic buildings can be a danger to you and others when faced with a fire

It’s that time of year again: back to school season. Whether you are an incoming freshman or have been on campus for a few years already, it is always important to keep fire safety in the front of your mind. Crowded dorms and old academic buildings can be a danger to you and others when faced with a fire. Follow these tips on campus and off to ensure that you will always be safe if and when there is a fire.

Ask Questions and Decorate Safely

If you are moving into on-campus housing, whether it be the dorms or apartments, feel free to ask your resident assistants or building director any questions. Ask whether or not there are smoke detectors and alarms in every bedroom and on every level of the building. Be sure to ask if there are escape ladders if you happen to be on an upper level of the building. Ask about carbon monoxide detectors too; these often times go unchecked, as more people are worried more about fire than they are about carbon monoxide poisoning.

On move-in day, you will surely be excited to decorate your space, but keep fire safety in mind when doing so. Do not purchase any halogen lamps, as they are a potential fire hazard. Make certain that any ceiling decorations do not cover sprinklers or smoke detectors. Avoid running extension cords across doorways and under carpets. Ideally, extension cords should only be used in temporary situations. Do not overload your outlets; you should only plug in one heat-producing appliance into any wall outlet at a time. Also, it is a good habit to unplug small appliances after you use them. Use a surge protector, especially if you have a computer or laptop in your dorm room. Replace any damaged or lose cords as well. Make sure that you arrange your furniture in a way that allows you to easily access all windows and doors. Most importantly, always check that your smoke detector has fresh batteries.

Cook Carefully

Most dorm and apartment fires are caused by cooking. When you are preparing food, be sure to stay in the kitchen when you are using heat. Never leave a hot kitchen appliance unattended! Most resident assistants will give a demonstration on how to use the cooking appliances in the building; make sure you pay attention, especially when it comes to cleaning them. Have a lid nearby when cooking so that you can smother potential grease fires and remember to never throw water on a grease fire. Keep flammable items away from the stove (this includes oven mitts).

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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