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Fire Safety Tips For The Holidays

5 Common Residential Fire Hazards

Many people accidentally set fires this time of the year!

The holiday season is upon us! December is an exciting time of the year. Although the various festivities can bring much joy to people, they can also present a variety of hazardous situations.  Unfortunately, many people accidentally set fires this time of the year. Keep reading and discover a few fire safety tips for the holiday season that you can use to keep everyone safe!

Never Allow Candles To Go Unattended

People love lighting candles during the holiday season to provide a cheerful atmosphere and to provide a space with a pleasant aroma. All too often, people neglect to keep an eye on candles, and they wind up causing fires. With that said, it is important never to allow a candle to be unattended. All candles need to be blown out if nobody is nearby. Do not just assume that the candle will go out on its own.

Inspect Christmas Lights

Christmas tree lights can transform a basic evergreen tree into something magical and breathtaking.  However, it is important to test out your Christmas lights before you wrap them around your tree. This simple precautionary measure will help ensure that they are good to go before you can enjoy them.

Use Extreme Caution When Using Space Heaters

The holiday season tends to be one of the chilliest times of the year. For that reason, many people like to break out their hand space heaters to get some relief from the cold climate. Although these machines can work like a charm, they can also be very dangerous. If they are left unattended or set too close to other objects, they can be major fire hazards. Also, people accidentally burn themselves from getting too close to them.

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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