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Fire Safety Tips For The Holidays

Fire Safety Tips For The Holidays

Don’t neglect fire safety during the holidays!

We are currently in the midst of the holiday season! Many believe this is the happiest time of the year. There are all sorts of fun holiday-oriented festivities people like to take part in. It is easy to get wrapped in all of the holiday excitement and neglect basic fire safety practices. Don’t let this be you!  Here are some fire safety tips to help keep everyone safe during the holiday!


Who doesn’t love candles? They can provide a room with a tremendous amount of ambiance and are available in an assortment of different scents. The main problems with candles is that people set them in bad locations and people also frequently forget to blow them out. If you are going to light a candle, be sure you do not place it away from anything that could potentially catch on fire. Keep them away from things like paper, curtains, drapes, food packaging, etc. You also need to do whatever it takes to remind yourself to blow them out. Nowadays, most people always have their smartphones handy. If you are concerned that you are going to forget to blow out the candles, it is a good idea to set a reminder on your phone.


As the outside temperature begins to plummet, more homes are using their traditional fireplaces. It is a good idea to have your chimney inspected to see if it needs a cleaning. Soot can quickly accumulate in your chimney and become a fire hazard. Also, never use flammable liquids when you are starting a fire and don’t even think about burning wrapping paper!

Christmas Trees

Many people would be surprised to learn how many live Christmas trees catch on fire every year. It only takes a single spark for a Christmas tree to go up in flames. To help prevent any incidents, keep your tree well-watered, as it will be drastically less likely to ignite. Also, try to keep your tree away from all heat sources in the room.

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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