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Fire Safety Tips for Spring and Summer

Fire Safety Tips for Spring and Summer

Enjoy your family fire pit safely with these safety tips!

Fire safety is important throughout every season. There are just as many threats to fire safety in the spring and summer as there are in the winter. Keep these fire safety tips in mind for the warmer months to stay safe throughout the year.

Outdoor Cooking

Springtime and summer are popular for outdoor cooking. This is the time when people clean off the grills and enjoy the smoky, delicious flavor of barbecue. However, without the proper maintenance and procedures, the grill can also be one of the most dangerous parts of spring and summer. Many grill masters enjoy the excitement of the flames from the grill, but those flames have to be controlled to keep everyone safe. Only soak charcoal in starter fluid instead of using a container of lighter fluid. Ensure that it is cleaned regularly and kept and used in an open, outdoor area.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are great to socialize around in the spring and summer, especially at night. People enjoy roasting smores, enjoying the warmth, and even also cooking in their fire pits. The open flame, however, is a danger to children and pets. Make sure that children are always supervised near the pit. In addition, always have a bucket of water available nearby in case the flames become uncontrollable. Don’t throw leaves or pine cones into the fire as they will create floating embers. Finally, follow proper procedure for putting the fire out. Spread out the pieces of fuel and sprinkle water over them until they are completely extinguished.

Chimney Inspection

You might be surprised to the see the chimney on this list as its highly unlikely that you’ve been using your indoor fireplace in the spring and summer. However, don’t just clean it up and close it for the season; have your chimney inspected. This will ensure that it’s working and safe for the following fall and winter seasons. The National Fire Protection Agency recommends having one annual chimney inspection and thorough cleaning to get rid of buildup.

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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