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Five Home Fire Prevention Tips

Testing Your Smoke Alarm

Test your smoke alarms periodically to help protect your home from fires.

There are few things more nightmare inducing than the thought of your home catching fire. Along with the financial loss, the danger to loved ones and pets is something that keeps many up at night. Keeping your home safe and protected from fires starts with simple steps.

Smoke Detectors

Having working, well-placed smoke detectors is one of the most important steps you can take to a safer home. Most fire-related deaths occur because the fire alarm system was not working correctly or none were installed. Make sure to run a full test of each alarm at least once a year.

Escape Ladders

If there are any areas in your home where escaping through a window would lead to injury, ensure that there is an escape ladder available. Each room above the first story of your home should have an escape ladder in it just to be safe. If you have children in your home, make sure they know how to use it safely before an emergency occurs.


Having fire extinguishers on hand is critical for preventing small fires from spreading. Most fire professionals will tell you that one extinguisher per level of your home is a good start. If you have any areas that are particularly hazardous, such as a workshop, a secondary extinguisher per floor may be useful.

Escape Plan

Creating and communicating an escape plan is critical to survival in case of a fire. In some cases, you may have as little as 30 seconds to escape. As you consider your plan, include two exits for every room. Rehearsing this plan with any residents in the home is essential, especially for small children.

Fire Hazard Minimization

As you consider your homes fire safety, remember that most home fires come from one of a few sources. Cooking, in particular, leads to more home fires than any other source. Be sure that your smoke alarm in your kitchen is always working and never leave food unattended.

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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