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Grilling is fun, but fires are not!

Most people who plan out their grilling experience focus on all the delicious food they are going to cook up. But, it’s also very important not to forget about fire safety. That’s why today, Biles Fire Protection wanted to provide you with some important tips to make sure everyone at your next cookout has a safe and fun experience.

Read the Owner’s Manual Before Grilling

We know that owners’ manuals seem like they were written to bore you to tears. But for summer safety, it’s important you follow the specific safety procedures the manufacturer recommends. The owners’ manual will provide detailed information on how to operate your grill properly. For very specific questions, you can contact the manufacturer, but make sure to have your model number on hand.


Only Grill in Well-Ventilated Areas


You never, for any reason, want to grill indoors. You should never grill in a house, trailer, tent, garage, or other enclosed areas. The carbon monoxide that accumulates from grilling in those areas can kill you. It’s also important to set up a grill in an area that is away from combustible surfaces, dry leaves, and buildings. The wind can take spars from the fire and make them land on flammable surfaces. So before setting up a grill, make sure there is enough ventilation and space to avoid any serious issues.

Don’t Move a Hot Grill


Even if you want to move your grill just a few inches, moving it when it is hot could cause serious burns. The grill could unexpectedly fall over or drop from your hands, injuring you and potentially anyone around you. For summer safety, make sure that younger children are aware that they shouldn’t be playing anywhere near the grill or touch it. They may be curious and want to check on their food, but explain to them the importance of fire safety. The grill body can still be hot even after an hour of it not being in use, so it’s best for everyone other than the chef to stay away and not be near the grill to prevent accidents.

Extinguish the Flames


After you’re done grilling, make sure to extinguish the flames. You can use baking soda to control a grease fire, but you should have a commercial extinguisher on hand. If you don’t have a commercial extinguisher, you can use a hose or a bucket of sand.

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