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How to Prevent a Residential Electrical Fire

Is your home potentially at risk of an electrical fire?

Is your home potentially at risk of an electrical fire? We all know that keeping our homes fire safe is critical, but many of us forget that there are different types of fire risks. Along with the dangers created by things like candles and cooking, electrical equipment poses a severe threat. Undoubtedly, electrical fires are one of the most common types of household fires. Identifying risks can help ensure that you and your home stay safe.

Electrical Outlets and Plugs

First, inspect your outlets and plugs for electrical fire risk.  Overtime outlets can become damaged by wear, making them at risk of sparks and flame. If any of the plates are missing or broken they should be replaced immediately to keep wires and other components from being exposed. If your home has children, make sure unused plugs are covered or capped to prevent the risk of injury. All caps should be checked and maintained as well. If wiring is loose or exposed, it’s time to repair or replace! Likewise, you should never try to make a three prong plug into a two prong one, nor should your shove plugs into outlets they do not fit in.

Cord Control

As with your plugs, make sure that all wiring and cords in your home have continuous upkeep. If there are any tears, knicks, or cracks in the wires, you must fix or replace them before use. When placing cords, make sure they are safely out of the way. Keep them out from under carpets and high traffic areas. If a wire must be strung along a distance, be sure that it is held up and over rather than under and never nail or staple it to a wall. In the case that you do hang a cord up, try using plastic hooks or rungs with the cable covered by a protective material this will help significantly reduce the threat of electrical fires.

Keep Large Electronics Clean

One of the many ways that electrical fires can start is due to the buildup of dust and lint inside and around electronics. Items like refrigerators, washers and dryers, HVAC Units, computer towers, and even the backs of gaming equipment can become a trap for the mess. When this dirt (particularly clumps of pet hair) become trapped they increase the risk of fire should the equipment malfunction. Make sure to add cleaning behind and under your electronics a routine part of your schedule.

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