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How to Prevent Fire Emergencies on Memorial Day

If you are planning a Memorial Day celebration, you are going to want to learn all you can learn about fire safety.

As the weather gets warmer in the mid-Atlantic, it is normal that people want to get outside to celebrate. One of the biggest spring or summer holidays is Memorial Day. Not only is it a great time to reflect on our country’s history, but it is also a perfect time to say goodbye to spring and hello to summer. If you are planning a Memorial Day celebration, you are going to want to learn all you can learn about fire safety. Although you are going to spend most of the day having a great time with your loved ones and enjoying the outdoors, you also need to be conscious of the dangers that certain outdoor activities can pose. Keep reading to discover fire protection tips you can use yourself on Memorial Day.


    If you plan to have a campfire this Memorial Day, you must get a permit, so you know the local rules in the area in which you plan to start your fire. Once you secure a license, make a 10-foot perimeter around your area clean of combustible materials like dead leaves or sticks. Make sure that if there are strong winds, you do not start your campfire up. Once you finish your campfire, make sure the area is cool to the touch before you leave for good; low embers can start more fires after you go.


    If you are going to set up your barbeque, make sure you do it at least three feet from your house, fence, or tree branches. Also, it is vital that you do not place your barbeque on dry grass, dry leaves, or other flammable materials. Be sure that you do not start up your grill if there are powerful winds, and it is vital that you clean your grill before you use it for cooking because grease or dust can unexpectedly ignite.

Cigarette Butts

    If you or any of your loved ones are smokers, it is essential to keep track of your cigarette butts and to dispose of them responsibly. Every year, nearly 1000 smokers and non-smokers die in fires started by cigarettes and other smoking materials. Keep yourself, your friends, and your family members safe. Make sure you place your cigarette butts in a safe, designated container!

Questions? Biles Fire Protection Services is Here to Help!

    If you need more tips on how to be safe around fire this Memorial Day, Biles Fire Protection Service is here to help you out. We have all of the equipment and experience to answer any of your questions. Our trained professionals will offer you superb customer service and support. Feel free to give us a call at 443-701-8330 or visit us online. For more tips, information, and to see what we have been up to, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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