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The Importance of a Fire Evacuation Plan

Fire Evacuation Plan

Come up with a fire evacuation plan so that your employees and customers will be safe in the event of a fire emergency.

Almost every business has a fire evacuation plan, but do any of your employees really understand how it works? Just about everyone grew up walking out of the classroom single file once a quarter to ensure the fire safety plan was effective, but how many offices have quarterly or even yearly fire drills? Not many! Here are some of the most important reasons you should have a fire evacuation plan in place.

Plan Implementation

Most employers have routes with exit plans as part of their building codes and design. These routes typically map out where exits are, where fire extinguishers are, where first aid kits are, and where AEDs are located. All exit paths should be clearly designated and lit, big enough that the whole building can evacuate at the same time using them, and free of any hazards or obstacles at all times. Every employee should know these routes and how to use them in the event of an emergency.

Fire Equipment

Most fire evacuation plans also include fire safety equipment like fire extinguishers. Again, many employees don’t know where fire extinguishers are located or how to properly use them if they need to. Make sure that you have meetings every year to explain the mechanics of pulling a fire alarm and properly using a fire extinguisher. If a fire starts at your business, every second counts. If employees are slowly searching for the instructions on the tag of the fire extinguisher, they are wasting precious time protecting their property and evacuating themselves. Hire a fire safety professional to audit your workplace’s fire evacuation plan and walk all employees through a fire drill, the proper way to use fire equipment, and answer any other questions.

Fire Evacuation Plans from Biles Fire Protection

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