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What You Should Know About Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

How are you protecting your commercial building?

How are you protecting your commercial building?

Fire protection systems are the best way to safeguard your business against catastrophic loss in the event of a fire. However, a poorly maintained or designed fire suppression system can end up doing more harm than good. Clean agent fire suppression systems are gaining popularity thanks to their win-win nature. What are clean agent fire suppression systems, and could they be the right choice for your business?

Clean Agent 101

Clean agent fire suppression systems are those that don’t use any water to suppress fires. They activate immediately upon detecting smoke or fire and do not leave behind any greasy film or pools of water that might do more damage than a fire would have.

How Do Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems Work?

Clean agent fire protection agents use a type of gas, usually Co2 or FM-200, to put out fires. They are stored away from the area that is being safeguarded using pipes, much like a traditional fire safety system. They have nozzles evenly spaced throughout every area of your business. When fire, heat, or smoke is detected, the clean agent fire suppression system will activate and put the gas into the network, distributing it throughout the business.

As a unique feature of this type of fire suppression system, clean agent systems can also only activate in the zone where the heat or smoke has been detected. This prevents all of your business from becoming uninhabitable in the moments after a fire. Clean fire agent suppression systems work by diluting the oxygen content in the room to stop the fire in its tracks and lower the possibility of combustion.

The Basic Benefits of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

  • These systems are an effective way to keep employees and your equipment safe
  • There is no need to introduce water into a potentially hazardous environment with electrical objects and easily water-damaged items
  • There is almost no clean-up after a fire is detected and extinguished
  • You will be able to resume business as usual almost immediately
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems are environmentally friendly

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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