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Library Fire Suppression Tactics Are Key


fire suppression

Library fire suppression is highly important to preserve the document within.

Libraries are home to hundreds of books and important documents. Some of the world’s oldest pieces of history are housed in libraries. Libraries and archives are highly valuable, but they are also highly flammable. To preserve the history housed within these wonderful places, we must take action to ensure fire safety and fire suppression tactics. Ready to learn more? Let’s take a look.

Traditional solutions are not always the answer.

Fire is one of the most prevalent threats to libraries and archives, so you would think that having a sprinkler system would solve the problem, right? Not necessarily. Water can also damage books and documents to the point of losing them. A water based fire suppression system can work out in a library, but you may end up losing your beloved texts anyway. Traditional solutions may not work here.

Prevention is the best fire suppression tactic of all.

The best way to ensure that books, artwork, and archives go undamaged is to never have a fire in the first place. Make sure that all maintenance personnel are following the proper procedures when working on the electrical system, as this is one of the biggest ways that a fire can start in a library. You should also take special care to ensure that all wiring is up to date within the facility to avoid possible fires. Help to maintain a safe environment by educating staff and patrons about fire containment so that if a fire does start, it can be quickly contained and extinguished. Making sure that your fire extinguishers are up to date is another absolute essential. Without them, the fire could potentially spread out of control to damage not only lives, but irreplaceable books.

How will you approach your library’s fire suppression tactics?

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