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Making Sure Your Fire Safety Is Not Deficient

Fire Safety

In this new year, rededicate your efforts to fire safety.

There are so many concerns when running a business, from advertising to upkeep to training employees, that it can be easy to put things like fire safety on the backburner. However, this can lead to potentially disastrous results should an emergency occur. Here are things to look out for in order to ensure your business meets the proper fire safety standards.

Inadequate Fire Extinguishers  

Fire extinguishers are not a one and done deal. You cannot simply leave them unattended for years and years and expect adequate fire protection. They require annual maintenance and tagging in order to ensure they remain useful in case of an emergency. It is also key to making sure that no fire extinguishers have gone missing or gotten stolen, or are obsolete. If you can’t remember when you got your fire extinguishers or the last time they were tested or had maintenance, it is definitely time to look into that. It is also important to note that one fire extinguisher may not be all you need for fire safety. Most fire codes require one fire extinguisher per 75 feet.

Check Your EXIT Lights and Signs

Exit signs need to be lit up completely at all times, as long as your building is occupied. If your EXIT lights and signs have burned out bulbs, it is paramount that you replace them as soon as possible.

Blocked Exit Paths

Exit paths in your building must be unobstructed at all times. These include doorways, hallways, stairwells, and any other means of exiting your building. It is important to never store combustible items and material in exit paths in order to maintain optimal fire safety.  

Building Numbers That Are Not Visible From The Street

Your street number needs to be large and clearly visible from the street. Your Name and street address should also be labeled on the back door of your business.

Ensure Fire Safety With Biles Fire Protection

Biles Fire Protection can help with all of your residential or commercial fire safety needs. We have the equipment and expertise to install wet sprinkler systems or dry sprinkler systems at affordable prices. We are well known for our top-notch customer service, quick response times, and reliable support and maintenance. To get a quote for your sprinkler system, fill out our online request form. For more information and to chat about how we can help meet your fire safety needs, visit us online or give us a call at (443) 701-8330. To get more fire safety tips and information, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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