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Not All Fires Are Created Equal

Different Types of Fires

Different fires call for different solutions and different approaches to safety.

Many people assume that a fire is, well, a fire, meaning that the causes don’t really matter once flames ignite. Here are the most common types of fires that occur and how they start. By knowing how to prevent fires, you can potentially stop them from happening altogether.

Kitchen Fires

Throughout the United States, the kitchen fire is the most common type of fire. There are many different fire hazards present throughout the room and it is typically the only place in the home that heat, electricity, grease, and water are all present.  Grease fires are the most common type of kitchen fire. They can escalate rapidly and spread from the kitchen stove to your entire home in much less time than you’d expect. These fires start when someone leaves a frying pan unattended or when a pan full of grease is overheated and catches fire.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires can be caused by just about anything that uses electricity to operate. Old appliances, worn or faulty electrical wiring, overloaded electrical outlets, and outdated breaker boxes can all lead to an electrical fire. Between phone chargers, computers, televisions, and video game consoles, older homes can easily become overwhelmed by the number of electrical appliances plugged in. Keep your electrical appliances in good condition and updated to avoid this common household fire.

Heater Fires

During the cold winter months, heater fires are unfortunately common. Many homeowners and apartment dwellers use space heaters to help lower heating costs, but if they don’t have automatic shutoffs or safety features they can overheat. Space heaters should always be at least three feet away from anything flammable and be shut off whenever you leave your home or the room. Never use an extension cord with your space heater, as the electricity generated can start a huge fire.

Fire Protection Services from Biles Fire Protection

Biles Fire Protection can help with all of your residential or commercial fire safety needs. We have the equipment and expertise to install wet sprinkler systems or dry sprinkler systems at affordable prices. We are well known for our top-notch customer service, quick response times, and reliable support and maintenance. To get a quote for your sprinkler system, fill out our online request form. For more information and to chat about how we can help meet your fire safety needs, visit us online or give us a call at (443) 701-8330. To get more fire safety tips and information, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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