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Smoke Alarm Maintenance Tips

Smoke Alarm Maintenance Tips

Keep your home or your business facility safe with these maintenance tips!

Many people do not appreciate the smoke alarms in their home or building. They have saved a countless number of lives over the years and should not be taken for granted. Fires occur more often than most people realize and therefore, it is important always to be equipped with functioning smoke alarms. With that said, here are some smoke alarm maintenance tips that will help keep you safe!

Change The Batteries

Changing the batteries in your smoke detectors is a common household chore that always seems to be forgotten about. You never should let your smoke alarm batteries die because it is a huge safety hazard. It is necessary to take whatever steps you need to remember to change them. It is a good idea to choose a routine date to change the batteries that is easy to remember. For example, many people will change their smoke detector batteries on their birthday.

Clean Them

This is another chore that many people always seem to neglect. Your smoke alarms need to be cleaned at least a couple of times a year. Use your vacuum cleaner’s long attachment to suck up all of those unwanted cobwebs and debris that have collected in and around your smoke detector.

Perform Routine Testing

You should test your smoke alarms on a monthly basis. Take a moment and press the “test” button to be sure it sounds. If you would like some additional reassurance it is working properly; you can provide your detectors with some actual smoke. This can be done by lighting the end of a piece of paper or candle; blowing it out, and then holding it up to the smoke alarm. If it is a functioning correctly, the alarm should sound.

Replace Your Smoke Alarms

It is important to realize that your smoke alarms will not last forever. Even if you take care of them and do everything listed above, your smoke alarm should be replaced every ten years. Smoke detectors will become outdated and the older they are, the more likely they are to fail.

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