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Special Features for Life Safety Systems

Special Features for Life Safety Systems

In this blog, we will go over some exciting additional features for different pieces of equipment in life safety systems.

Life safety systems for commercial facilities contain many different devices, and the technology for these devices is continually advancing. In past blogs, we have discussed the various components of life safety systems that serve protective functions. As safety systems manufacturers and researchers are discovering new needs for accessibility, security, and safety, more and more added features are becoming available. In this blog, we will go over some exciting additional features for different pieces of equipment in life safety systems.

Audio Evacuation Prompts

When many people think of fire alarms, they think of the bright lights and ear-piercing shriek of a traditional alarm system. While the loud sounds from these alarms certainly alert building occupants to an emergency, it can create a hectic environment for folks with visual impairments to find their way out of the building. Some modern alarm systems eschew these blaring horns in favor of audio evacuation prompts, loudly yet firmly telling occupants to leave the building. This provides a much more useful audio warning for folks with any level of eyesight.

Natural Gas Detectors

With carbon monoxide detectors becoming more commonplace, some people are starting to think more about the potential airborne dangers we face on a day-to-day basis. One such harmful compound is natural gas, which is in gas lines all around us. While gas leaks are not common, they do occasionally occur, and their effects can be devastating. Natural gas detectors are an excellent investment for large facilities that utilize or are near gas lines.

Integration with Video Monitoring

While manual activation levers are incredibly useful for fire alarms, they can also be misused. Dye packs and breakable glass covers have been popular methods for safeguarding against vandalism and other abuses, but modern manual levers can now be integrated with sophisticated video monitoring systems. Not only can cameras activate when the mechanism is triggered, but their presence can also deter false alarms caused by vandals or pranksters.

Water Flow Detectors

Water flow detectors are an exciting feature in some sprinkler systems. While they may not be available in all sprinkler systems, water flow detectors are designed to monitor water distribution to a system’s sprinkler heads. These specialty detectors can sense when water is not getting where it should, and they can detect sprinkler system malfunctions.

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