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Summer Fire Hazards

Summer Fire Hazards

Take fire safety precautionary measures this summer.

It doesn’t matter what season we are currently in, there should always be fire safety precautionary measures taken. For many people, the summer months bring all sorts of fun festivities. Whether it’s family gatherings or parties, there are plenty of fire hazards to be on the lookout for. With that said, here are a few summer fire hazards and tips.


Barbeques are summertime favorites. Unfortunately, fires happen all too often because people aren’t careful. Don’t ever neglect your barbeque. Whenever you are cooking outside you should always stay close to the grill. If you ever need to run inside for something, ask someone to watch it for you. It should never be left unattended. Secondly, position your grill away from anything that could potentially catch on fire. If you have any doubt about where you are planning on grilling, choose a different location. Finally, ensure your grill is always functioning properly. Take it to get serviced and cleaned on a regular basis.


Who doesn’t love gathering around a fire with friends and family members? Children get to roast marshmallows for s’mores and adults get to socialize in their lounge chairs. What starts off as a great night could turn disastrous if precautionary measures are not taken. First and foremost, there should always be adult supervision with campfires. Next, always make sure that the fire is completely put out. Warm coals can still ignite even after all the flames have gone out.


With the 4th of July just around the corner, this is a safety tip that everyone should hear. Fireworks are fun for all ages, but they should not be thought of as a toy. They are extremely dangerous and should only be handled by adults. Fires are started every year because children manage to get a hold of fireworks and before you know the fire department is on their way. With that said, all parents need to ensure that their children won’t get their hands on fireworks this summer.

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