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Tips for Creating an Evacuation Plan

Tips for Creating an Evacuation Plan

Keep everyone safe with a rock-solid fire evacuation plan.

Most emergency situations require a swift and orderly evacuation to ensure the safety of everyone at the location. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration outlines requirements for facilities to provide a verbal or written emergency action plan for everyone in the building. For help getting started, refer to these tips for creating an evacuation plan for your facility.

Types of Evacuations

In addition to fire safety, there are more emergency situations that your evacuation plans should consider. Natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, or even floods should also be included in your evacuation plan. There should be a version that takes the unique needs of each of these situations into account. It needs to be a complete map of the best and safest ways to respond to each emergency.

Include a Logging System

Attendance is one of the most important factors of an evacuation plan. There must be a system in place that counts the number of people in the facility at the time of the emergency and all who have safely exited the location. The log should include employees as well as visitors. To keep track of the number, use sign-in sheets, clock-in systems, and even video monitoring.

Choose Exit Routes

Print copies of the building plan itself and the surrounding area; this is what you’ll use to draft and design your evacuation plan. All exits, stairways, and corridors should be clearly marked. Your evacuation plan should include at least one other alternate exit route in case your main route has been blocked by fire or other circumstance. The route should also include plans for people who require assistance, including wheelchair users. The plans should be readily available to all employees and clearly posted near fire extinguishers or other common areas.

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