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The Top Causes of Fires in Commercial Buildings

The Top Causes of Fires in Commercial Buildings

Keep your commercial building safe from fires!

Fire safety education incredibly important as our decisions can have a significant impact on many lives. This is especially true in commercial buildings. Here are the top causes of fires in commercial buildings.

Human Error

People often have a lot on their minds, especially at work. Because so many people work in commercial buildings, it’s easy to get sidetracked a make a mistake that could cause a fire. Examples include cigarettes that aren’t disposed of properly and forgotten coffee pots or other elements in the kitchen. In fact, the risk of fire in commercial buildings is higher the more populated they are. Rather than the various equipment itself causing risk, the use of said equipment is what causes fire.

Electrical Issues

Aside from electrical issues that are caused by human error, electrical systems that are old or neglected could also spark and cause a fire. Electrical code violations are also dangerous, including equipment that is overloaded, out of date, or not properly maintained. Also, in some areas, rodents can also chew away at the outer layers of wiring which can causes a fire.

HVAC Problems

The installation, use, and maintenance of boilers, furnaces, and water heaters must all be handled correctly and according to strict codes and regulations. Some people use the room in which this equipment is stored to keep other things, like boxes. This poses a risk of fire as combustible materials should never be stored near this equipment.


Statics show that arson is the leading cause of damage, death, and other workplace injuries that occur because of commercial building fires. In some cases, people use arson as a cover for other crimes while other use it to take out their grievances with the company.

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