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Types of Standpipe Systems

Types of Standpipe Systems

Read on to learn more about the different classes and types of standpipe systems used in commercial and large residential properties.

Standpipe systems are an essential fixture in highrises, apartments, and other buildings with hard-to-reach areas. They deliver a water supply to these areas so that fire crews or, in desperate situations, civilians can have quick access to water for their hoses and fire fighting efforts. There are many different types of standpipe systems, differentiated by the size of their output connections and by the mechanism with which they dispense water. Read on to learn more about the different classes and types of standpipe systems used in commercial and large residential properties.

Standpipe System Classes

There are three different standpipe system classes. These are determined by the size of the output connections on the pipes. Class I has large fittings for fire hoses, Class II has small fittings for use by first responders and passersby, and Class III has both large and small fittings. Class I is the most common type in use today, but Class I standpipe systems are ideally only used by trained firefighting professionals.

Standpipe System Types

The “type” of a standpipe system refers to the water’s pressure and method of delivery, and there are four common types in use today. There are two types of wet systems and two types of dry systems, and those terms have the same meaning as in dry- and wet-pipe sprinkler systems. Wet standpipe systems have water already in the pipes, and dry standpipe systems are filled with pressurized air. Within the dry and wet classifications, systems are further defined as either manual or automatic. Automatic standpipe systems provide water as soon as their caps are removed, while manual systems require a pump or water supply from a fire department water source, pump, or truck.

What Kind of System Does My Building Need?

The kind of standpipe system you install in your building will depend on a few factors, and it is best to consult an expert to determine which type to install. Building codes, local regulations, and the size and location of your building can determine which system is necessary. Call the professionals at Biles Fire Protection today to find out what type of system is right for your new building. Our experts can also help determine how to address any maintenance concerns you might have and what testing is required for your fire suppression systems.

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