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What are Passive Fire Protection Systems?

fire extinguisher passive fire wall

Fire extinguishers are essential for fire protection, but don’t forget about passive systems like fire walls!

Fire suppression systems are comprised of several parts all working together to provide protection to your property and your employees. Active systems consist of sprinklers, alarms, and extinguishers. These respond in the event of a fire and are crucial to your safety needs. But often people forget about passive fire protection. Passive fire protection systems serve the purpose of slowing or containing the spread of fires and are less visible in most cases than active fire protection systems. Today we’re going to look at the different kinds of passive fire protection systems.

Fire Walls and Doors

Walls and doors can be designed to prevent or slow the spread of fires by using materials with high fire ratings. These fire walls and fire doors can withstand high temperatures for longer periods of time and are essential parts of a passive fire protection system.

Fire Dampers

When a fire makes its way to your ventilation ducts, it can spread to other parts of your building very quickly. Fire dampers can be installed in these ducts to help temper this spread by closing access to your ducts when a rise in temperature is detected. These are usually required to be installed by insurance providers and building codes.

Fire Stopping

A special sealant called fire stopping can be applied to the openings or joints of pipes and cables inside of walls. This fire stopping sealant has strong fire-resistant capabilities.

Spray-on Fireproofing

Have you ever seen a bubbly coating on a structural steel beam? This is an example of fireproofing that has been sprayed on. It is designed to dry quickly and contains special materials that can protect elements like metal from a fire.

Is Your Passive Fire Protection in Top Shape?

Passive fire protection systems can degrade with the passage of time like active systems, so it is critical to have inspections scheduled regularly and have them properly maintained.

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