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What is a Fire Pump?

What is a Fire Pump?

A fire pump is designed for firefighting situations rather than transferring, dewatering, or trash pumps.

A fire pump is a portable apparatus that can be quickly and easily dispatched to scenes of an emergency fire situation. It’s one part of a fire protection system that helps deliver large quantities of water onto the fire. Read on for more details about this important fire safety apparatus.

Fire Pump

The main component of this system is the fire pump itself. It’s a lightweight apparatus that one person can easily transport without assistance. It’s designed for firefighting situations rather than transferring, dewatering, or trash pumps. It’s capable of producing 80 psi of water pressure and above. A fire pump is capable of pumping one gallon or greater of water per second. It works to push water the necessary distance in either a horizontal or vertical direction. A fire safety professional can operate a fire pump for 45 minutes between refueling.

Discharge Hose

For accuracy in delivering water from the fire pump, fire safety professionals use a discharge firehose. They are usually made from synthetic fabric. To provide water in a consistent and reliable way, it must be light yet strong and resistant to abrasion. When not in use, they collapse flat and are wrapped into a compact coil. Weeping hoses allow water to pass through the fabric to provide exterior moisture, which will protect it from extreme heat. Non-weeping hoses remain dry on the exterior.

Suction Hose

The suction hose is how the water supply reaches the pump. It’s a rigid hose to prevent a collapse that may otherwise occur from the suction that the hose generates. The length needs to be relatively short, yet long enough to extend into the water and reach the pump.

Foot Valve

The foot valve is an important part of the suction hose. It’s necessary for keeping foreign objects out of the water supply that’s being used in the fire pump. It also helps maintain the water flow.  

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