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How To Create A Commercial Fire Safety Plan

How To Create A Commercial Fire Safety Plan

A fire safety plan could just save your life.

Every business facility needs to have a fire safety plan in place. In the event of an emergency, all members of staff need know how to react when the fire alarm sounds. The more everyone on your team knows the safer everyone will be. With that said, a rock-solid fire safety plan for your commercial facility is an absolute must. Here are some important points to remember when you are creating your fire safety plan.

Educate All Staff Members

One of the best ways to prevent any potential confusion in the event of a fire is to train your staff properly. All new staff members should be required to complete a fire safety training. This could be something that is done online or in a classroom setting. It is also a good idea to require your staff members to take a test afterward to ensure they have learned the key points of the training. It should include things like where to go, how to use a fire extinguisher, and how to safely exit the building.

Have Clearly Marked Exit Signs

The exit signs inside of your building need to be visible. Even though your members of staff should know where to go regardless, there still needs to be exit signs for the customers inside building. It is also important to make sure the lights of the signs are always functioning properly. On a routine basis, check the light bulbs and switch them out as needed.

Ensure Paths Are Clear

One of the biggest fire hazards a commercial building can have is to not having clear exits routes. Anything that can get in the way of a person safely exiting the building either needs to be moved or rearranged to create a clearer path. Items that could be dangerous could be file cabinets, tables, desks, and chairs. You don’t want your staff to have to weave their way through objects when they are exiting the building.

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