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Kitchen Safety Tips for Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention

Every year, nearly 6,000 commercial kitchens report fires. The damage caused by these fires totals over $172 million in property damage, not to mention injuries sustained by employees and clients. Because commercial kitchens are often chaotic environments where open flame is common, it is incredibly important to observe strict fire safety regulations and to take precautions against allowing a commercial kitchen fire. Learn more about what you can do to prevent commercial kitchen fires in this week’s blog.


A comprehensive commercial kitchen fire prevention plan is crucial to ensuring the safety of your staff and guests.

Kitchen Safety Tips for Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention

Cover all of your systems

The equipment and layout of your commercial kitchen will make it completely unique. For this reason, it is important that you have your kitchen assessed by a certified fire protection provider to ensure that every single piece of equipment can be handled by your curren fire suppression system. This is why it is important when designing your original suppression system that you work with an experience and knowledgeable fire protection provider who will ensure that your design is adequate to cover all equipment.

Keep the exhaust clean

Your kitchen exhaust system can quickly become overwhelmed with built-up grease and oil which can cause your roof serious damage such as swelling, cracking, blistering, and deterioration. In the worst case, roof grease can also lead to a catastrophic fire which is why it is so important to prevent build-up in the first place. Regularly cleaning your exhaust system can go a long way in preventing commercial kitchen fires.


Unplug at the end of the night

When appliances are no longer in use, there is no reason to leave them plugged in. Leaving appliances plugged in overnight can short out fuses which can spark a kitchen fire. Also be sure that at the end of the night, all combustible and flammable materials are kept far from heat sources to prevent any overnight disasters.

Biles Fire Protection Services is Here to Help

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