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Candle Safety Tips for a Safe and Romantic Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be planning how to celebrate this romantic holiday with your sweetie. While lighting candles can certainly add to the atmosphere, they also create a huge fire safety hazard. In fact, the National Fire Prevention Association estimates that over $340 million in damage was caused by candle fires between 2009-2014! In addition, these fires caused 86 deaths and over 800 injuries, so it is incredibly important to practice some general fire safety tips if candles will be part of your Valentine’s Day plan.

candle safety

Candle safety is important.

Candle Safety Tips for a Safe and Romantic Valentine’s Day

Given how common it is for candles to lead to disaster, these tips can make your Valentine’s Day a little safer.

Use candle holders

It’s important that your candles are not at risk of tipping over and accidentally causing a fire, so securing them in a sturdy candle holder is important. Your candleholder should be made of glass, metal, or ceramic.

Be smart about placement

Your candles should be kept far away from any combustible or flammable materials. Think about what the candle might hit if it tipped over and be sure to keep it at least 12” away from anything that may go up in flames.

Blow them out

Candles should NEVER be left unattended, so even if you’re just in the next room doing dishes after dinner, candles should always be blown out. Make sure the wick is completely black as a red tip indicates there is still an active ember.

Opt for battery-operated instead

To prevent the possibility of a fire hazard altogether, battery-operated candles offer romantic, ambient light without the risk of an open flame. Many varieties are manufactured to even look and smell like real candles so your sweetie probably won’t even notice that the difference.

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