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Portable Space Heater Safety: What You Need to Know to Stay Warm and Safe

Now that blizzard Jonas has come and gone, winter has officially descended on the Delmarva region. If you’re like many Americans, you probably use portable space heaters to supplement your home heating system. These small heaters are useful for adding concentrated heat for a small area, but they can also be dangerous when not used correctly. In today’s blog, learn everything you need to know about how to use portable space heaters safely and responsibly.

portable space heater safety

Portable safe heaters can be unsafe when used incorrectly.

Portable Space Heater Safety: What You Need to Know to Stay Warm and Safe

Portable space heater safety

A report released by NFPA in 2013 showed that more than 70% of all winter injuries are caused by space heaters and half of all property damage that is caused by heating fires are attributable to the use of space heaters. There are a number of different types of electric space heaters available, including fan-forced heaters which blow air over heated coils, water or oil filled radiators, infrared heaters which use infrared light to create heat, and ceramic heaters which warm air using a ceramic heating element. Each type can create a fire hazard when used improperly.


Staying safe

When you are deciding which type of portable space heater to buy, be sure to do a little research on the safety records of the kind you are considering. Try to choose a unit that comes with additional safety features such as overheating and tip-over protection. These features are particularly important if you have pets or children in your home who may accidentally run into the heater and cause the risk of it tipping over. Before plugging in your heater, look at the cord and ensure that there is no damage. Never plug your heater into an extension cord. And when deciding where to place your heater, be sure that it is at least 3 feet away from any curtains, bedding, and any other objects which might be flammable. Lastly, don’t forget to create a fire safety plan to ensure your family stays safe in case anything ever goes wrong.

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