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Why Homeowners Should Invest in Residential Sprinkler Systems

Every year, tens of thousands of homes are damaged and destroyed in residential fires. Not only is the property damage catastrophic but the human toll is tragic as well: Over 3,000 people die every year in home fires. Unfortunately, despite how effective residential sprinkler systems are in managing home fires, fewer than 5% of all homes in the United States have sprinklers. In today’s blog, learn more about why investing in a residential sprinkler system is important for your health and safety.


Residential sprinkler systems can save you tens of thousands of dollars and could even save your life.

Why Homeowners Should Invest in Residential Sprinkler Systems

In the U.S., 85% of all fire-related deaths happen at home. This is especially tragic because it is preventable: a home sprinkler system can mitigate the likelihood of death by about 80%. In some cases a home sprinkler system may be able to extinguish a fire completely but even when this is not possible, they can still contain the fire enough to allow time for emergency services to arrive.

Sprinkler systems are heat-activated so that only the sprinkler-head closest to the fire will respond when it detects something is wrong. One reason that many people choose not to install a home sprinkler system is because they are afraid that, in the event of a fire, their entire sprinkler system will respond and leave significant water damage through the house. However, this a complete misconception that is based more on Hollywood movie re-enactments than real life. In truth, sprinkler systems are designed to concentrate on the effected area and around 90% of residential fires are put out with only one sprinkler head. While the sprinkler will release around 15-20 gallons of water per minute, this is far less than the water damage that is caused by fire departments. On average, a fire that is suppressed by a residential sprinkler system will cause around $2,200 in water damage, while one suppressed by a fire department costs closer to $45,000. Investing in a residential sprinkler system can not only save money but save lives as well.

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