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3 Signs That You Need Fire Extinguisher Repair Service

fire extinguisher repair service

Here are three signs that you need fire extinguisher repair services.

If you have fire extinguishers in your residential or commercial property, it is imperative that you keep them in working order. Even seemingly harmless imperfections can lead to a malfunction when you need your fire extinguishers most. Some signs that you need your fire extinguishers serviced can be very small and easy to miss, so it is always advisable to have all of your extinguishers inspected and maintained regularly. Here are three signs that you need fire extinguisher repair services.

  • Low Pressure

When a fire extinguisher has low pressure, it can be due to a few different causes. Low pressure can occur when parts of the unit age and crack, but physical damage and accidental discharge can also be factors. If you have recently discharged your fire extinguisher, the fix may be as simple as inspecting and refilling your unit. However, if you have not used your unit recently, fire extinguisher repair service is highly recommended. Fire protection professionals will thoroughly inspect your unit and determine the cause of the decrease in pressure, and they will work with you to either fix or replace the faulty parts.

  • Worn Instruction and Inspection Labels

While having worn labels on a fire extinguisher may seem like a small and insignificant issue, illegible wording can actually be a very serious problem. Extinguishers have tags that serve a few purposes. First, they can instruct users on how to operate the extinguisher in case of a fire. This is vital because many people are not aware of how to use an extinguisher properly. Second, labels can contain necessary maintenance and inspection information for the unit. If your equipment has worn labels that are illegible, you should bring it in for fire extinguisher repair service.

  • Neglected Maintenance Schedule

If a fire extinguisher is not well-maintained or inspected regularly, significant malfunctions and damage can go unnoticed. If you cannot recall when you last took your extinguisher in to a fire protection professional for maintenance and inspection, you may end up needing fire extinguisher repair service. You never know when you will need to use your fire extinguisher, so you always want it to be charged, serviced, and ready. Call the professionals at Biles Fire Protection and establish a maintenance schedule for your fire extinguishers today!

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