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The Basics of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Regular fire extinguisher maintenance is an integral part of adequate fire protection.

Fire extinguishers are critical parts of any residential or commercial property, and regular fire extinguisher maintenance is critical to ensuring they perform properly in the event they’re needed. Here are the basics of fire extinguisher maintenance for your home or business.

Check the Rules

Fire extinguishers are required by law, so see what your local regulations say about how many you need to have and what size(s) they need to be. If you have a business or restaurant, you might need to have multiple different fire extinguishers or different grades to handle different types of fires. Do you have a daycare or home business? You might also need to have a fire extinguisher on hand in your area of business.

Check the Area

Is your fire extinguisher partially or completely blocked by a piece of furniture, equipment, clothing, or anything else? These objects need to be removed so that your fire extinguisher is always visible and available. While this step might not seem like fire extinguisher maintenance, an invisible fire extinguisher will not be available to help in the event of an emergency.

Check the Tamper Seal and Pin

Take a close look at all of your fire extinguishers to see if the tamper seal and pin are both intact. If they are not intact, you need to replace your fire extinguisher.

Check the Fire Extinguisher

Last but not least, take a close look at your fire extinguisher. Use a cloth to check the body of the fire extinguisher for any dents, rust, or leakage. Remove any dirt or debris from the surface. Instructions need to be present on every fire extinguisher, including updated tags to display when your fire extinguishers were last examined by a professional, like Biles Fire Protection.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection from Biles Fire Protection

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