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Tips For Choosing The Right Fire Extinguisher For Your Business

Tips For Choosing The Right Fire Extinguisher For Your Business

Use these tips to choose the right fire extinguisher for your business!

Since fire extinguishers are required by law in every establishment, there is a wide variety to choose from. But when it comes to commercial fire safety, it is important to understand the different types of fire extinguishers available in order to pick the right one. Following are our tips for finding the right fire extinguisher for your business.

Understand the Different Classes of Fires

Fires are classified based on how they are fueled and where they occur, as this will affect how to extinguish them. Know the different classifications to understand which pose the biggest risks to your business:

Class A: fueled by combustibles, including wood, paper, and cloth.

Class B: fueled by flammable materials, such as alcohol or other flammable liquids, flammable gases, petroleum products, or tar. These commonly occur in bars and gas stations.

Class C: electrical fires associated with overloaded cables that occur around high volumes of electrical equipment.

Class D: industrial fires fueled by combustible metals such as aluminum and titanium.

Class K: fires associated with cooking appliances and oils that occur commonly in restaurants.

Chances are that some of these classes of fire pose bigger risks to your business than others. You can use this information to choose from the many types of fire extinguishers available.

Know the Types of Fire Extinguishers

There are 5 major types of fire extinguisher to choose from for your business based on the above classes of fire.

  1. ABC extinguishers, which are used most frequently in homes, schools, and office buildings to fight class A, B, and C fires.
  2. Class K extinguishers use a mist to combat grease fires and are especially useful in a restaurant environment.
  3. Water fire extinguishers contain no chemicals and rely on cooling the fire source with water. Water extinguishers fight class A fires, while water mist extinguishers are effective against both class A and C fires.
  4. Halotron fire extinguishers differ from classic ABC extinguishers because the agents used evaporate. This makes them good for areas that house delicate equipment, and they are graded to fight class B, C, and some class A fires.
  5. CO2 extinguishers use carbon dioxide and are specifically meant to put out electrical fires.

Evaluate Your Needs

By evaluating the needs of your business and the biggest fire safety risks posed in your work environment, you can use this guide to make an informed decision about the best fire protection for you.

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