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5 Common Residential Fire Hazards

5 Common Residential Fire Hazards

Use these tips to keep your home safe from fires!

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 77 percent of structural fires in 2015 took place in residential properties. Here are five common residential fire hazards everyone should be aware of.

Kitchen Accidents

The kitchen has always been one of the main areas in the home that has fire hazards. It’s mostly the result of human error that occurs when cooking. Be careful not to leave your range unattended while it’s on. Don’t place utensils, cloths, or oven mitts on your range and instead be sure to sit these items elsewhere, away from the flame. In addition, metal in the microwave can also cause sparks. Don’t throw water on a grease fire; instead, use a lid to smother the flame and deprive the fire of oxygen.  


Many homeowners love the smell and ambiance of candles, but they can become a dangerous fire hazard. Don’t fall asleep with candles lit. Remember to keep them at least 12 inches away from other objects in the space. Whenever you burn a candle, be sure to use a candle holder.  

Electrical Problems

Electrical malfunctions can be the cause of a residential fire. An overloaded circuit or damaged wires and outlets can cause an appliance to overheat and start a fire. Be careful not to overload your outlets and replace damaged or frayed wires. If you’re not sure about what you’re looking for, consider having an electrician come to your home and perform an assessment.  


Smokers who leave cigarettes lit and close to furniture or clothing can cause a residential fire. Smoking itself is a fire hazard because of the materials that are used. If you are a smoker, consider smoking exclusively outside and make sure that your butts are completely put out. If anyone uses oxygen inside the home, you should never smoke around that device. Also, keep lighters and matches away from children.


If a dryer experiences an electrical malfunction or becomes overloaded with lint, this can become a fire hazard. Keep the air exhaust vent pipe open and follow the recommended instructions.

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