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What Are the Benefits of Fire Hydrants?

What Are the Benefits of Fire Hydrants?

Fire hydrants are more important than a lot of people realize.

Fire hydrants are an essential component in fire protective systems. They are the central piece that connects the water to the hose, which allows firefighters to control the flames. That much you probably already knew, but here is a rundown of more benefits of fire hydrants.


In many areas, especially in cities where many people live and work, fire hazards are a constant worry. For that reason, it’s essential for fire protection services and systems that a supply of water be local and quickly accessible. Fire hydrants provide a consistent place for water supply and storage. It’s also an essential part of the system that, if the water supply has been used up for a sizeable blaze, that a secondary source is readily available from underground pipes or even a dam.


Fire hydrants don’t operate alone; they’re one part of an intricate system that has been designed by engineers to ensure that an area has complete coverage for fire protection. When you see a fire hydrant, know that it was installed in that location strategically to give that neighborhood or city full access to a water supply when needed.  


Boosters pump in extra water to fire hydrants. They are designed so that these boosters will again, ensure that an adequate supply of water is available to fight a fire. It’s usually designed within the fire hydrant, but some are visible on the outside as an additional element to the fire hydrant itself.


Like we previously discussed, two components make a fire hydrant work: the water supply and a fire hose. When fire emergencies occur, firefighters attach their hoses to the nearest hydrant to fight the blaze. The way fire hydrants are designed gives firefighters the necessary easy access to attach their equipment and immediately address the situation.

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