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Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Replacement Air Systems

Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Replacement Air Systems

No matter what you’re cooking, commercial kitchen replacement air systems are a fixture that no commercial kitchen should ever be without.

While every restaurant worker should know the basics of fire prevention and safety, most people do not consider the dangers of poor indoor air quality. If you have a commercial kitchen hood, you likely have a replacement air system. This piece of equipment increases the overall air quality in commercial establishments. It creates an adequately-ventilated indoor environment and is an essential part of passive fire protection in your restaurant. Here are a few benefits of installing a commercial kitchen replacement air system. No matter what you’re cooking, this is one fixture that no commercial kitchen should ever be without.

The Importance of Make-Up Air

Commercial kitchens produce a range of airborne contaminants such as grease and smoke. Your restaurant kitchen is likely equipped with multiple exhaust systems, which capture contaminants by removing air from the space. In an active kitchen with properly-functioning exhaust equipment, the supply of fresh air decreases by the minute. Your AC unit will naturally make up for some of this lost air. However, it will not be able to compensate fully for high volumes of exhausted air. A replacement air system, also known as a make-up air unit, will address this lack of supply air by pulling air from the outdoors into your space.

Addressing Temperature Control Problems

Replacement air is necessary to maintain the temperature of a commercial kitchen and, by extension, the rest of the building. This is especially true during summer and winter months; a poorly insulated space can become uncomfortably hot or cold, especially at the perimeter. At first, you may try to compensate by adjusting the thermostat; however, this may result in high energy bills over time. Without an adequate supply of replacement air, you also risk the discomfort of your employees and customers. In the interest of maintaining a pleasant indoor environment, a replacement air system is a must-have.

Avoiding Air Quality Hazards

A well-designed HVAC system is necessary for creating a safe environment for customers and employees alike. Commercial kitchens will produce a high volume of smoke and volatile organic compounds, which have a negative impact on air quality, especially at high levels. In an active kitchen, a replacement air system can save your employees from a host of different respiratory issues they might have experienced in an otherwise poorly ventilated environment. In addition, the increased air quality that a make-up air unit provides diminishes the possibility of kitchen fires. Commercial kitchen replacement air systems decrease the risk of health and safety hazards in your commercial space.

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