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A Clean Agent Suppression System Will Protect Your Computers from Fire

Clean Agent Suppression System

A clean agent suppression system protects your servers and other electronics from the damage a fire can wreak.

We live in a digital age. In today’s world, we store practically all our data and files online. With this being said, it is important for a business owner to protect their electronic devices however they can. Having a clean agent suppression system installed will protect important files from being lost in the event of a fire.

Potential Ramifications

Fire safety should not be taken lightly. A fire can cause immense damage to your business. Most importantly, you want to make sure that your electronic devices are protected so you will not lose crucial information. A fire that destroys your computers can wipe out the files needed for your business to operate. Therefore, you always need to be prepared for the worst.

Office Fire Hazards

Many business owners do not realize the fire dangers within their office. In many cases, business data rooms are not properly ventilated. This is an issue because these rooms produce large amounts of heat that make them hazardous. Therefore, areas with several electronic devices need to have a set of safety standards to reduce the risk of fire.

The Benefit of a Clean Agent Suppression System

Most facilities have a basic sprinkler system that shoots out water in the event of a fire. They will put out the fire, but they can easily wreck your devices. A clean agent suppression system is a better option because instead of dispensing water, it releases a gaseous agent. Once it is released into the air, it will cool the fire until it is extinguished. It will not harm your electronic devices or leave a nasty residue behind. A business would also be wise to keep a clean agent fire extinguisher accessible in server rooms.

Commercial Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

Biles Fire Protection can help with all of your residential or commercial fire safety needs. We have the equipment and expertise to install wet sprinkler systems or dry sprinkler systems at affordable prices. We are well known for our top-notch customer service, quick response times, and reliable support and maintenance. To get a quote for your sprinkler system, fill out our online request form. For more information and to chat about how we can help meet your fire safety needs, visit us online or give us a call at (443) 701-8330. To get more fire safety tips and information, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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